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SSI is silicone concentrated master batch which has multi functional performance as processing aid.
It is able to allow chemical engineer to solve many specific problems at operating extrusion and injection.
It is high molecular weight polymer. Migration or blooming does not appear on the surface of products.

Excellent processing improvement
Excellent surface slip and scratch resistance
Good lubricant property and melt pressure decrease
Good surface gloss appearance

Processing aid for plastic compound
Good surface appearance for injection products
Decrease the die-build up like fish-eye
Good slip property on the surface of plastic film
Decrease melting pressure in processing machine

Product Sp. Gr. (25˚C) MFI (g/10min) Dosage (phr) Appearance
SSI-25PE 4 25↓ 1.0 ~ 10 PE Pellet Chip
SSI-50PE 5 50↓ 0.1 ~ 5.0 PE Pellet Chip
SSI-25PP 10 25↓ 1.0 ~ 10 PP Pellet Chip
SSI-50PP 15 50↓ 0.1 ~ 5.0 PP Pellet Chip

Packing : 25kg in paper bag

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